No clingy lovers or codependency inside our dating, excite and thanks

We desired to learn more about exactly what pulls us, the brand new INTJ, so you’re able to individuals to begin with. After all, some one we love sufficient to spend time which have permanently. Even though all of these INTJs was paired with some MBTI products because the lovers, the latest approaches to so it concern was in fact nearly the same. The very best attribute that pulls INTJs on their favorite human beings was A feeling of Jokes. The INTJs listed that it just like the recommended whether or not it relates to searching for a pal, together with deep plus sarcastic the feeling off laughs, the higher. The second most crucial feature goes on several labels, including (via all of our emails) warmth, mercy, caring, facts and you may SENSITIITY. It looks we INTJs all of the know very well what i run out of and in addition we know the way essential it is to locate a friend who’ll provide us with it harmony. This isn’t a situation of one’s INTJ without having emotion – however it does include the methods where i have a look emotionally distant or cool. Sensitive folks are finest within publicly expressing such as for example attitude, and we also appreciate one to (if it’s our very own special person – Not everybody else). The 3rd hottest answer is Intelligence. We accidently thought so it characteristic is first. Foolish me (yet not one foolish). I INTJs have to have a mental Lover who will learn and you will develop next to united states, maintain all of us and provide you rational stimulation. Far more brain stamina around the home is a good thing. The 4th most significant feature we seek in other people was Value, for instance the capacity to allow us to manage our very own freedom. While this didn’t prominent towards the top of record, it is the feature regarding our INTJs will be the most enchanting. Blocking otherwise impeding an INTJ away from maintaining the strong feeling of versatility are a deal breaker. I would also like anyone with a shared feeling of that independence. Almost every other faculties we discover attractive are appearance (considering you, extroverts!), creative imagination, advancement, a feeling of thrill, and you may communications enjoy.

I did not need to hear only from your other INTJs. I plus questioned to know using their people. This type of lovers noted the second characteristics whenever questioned what attracted them on the INTJ. I’m able to checklist these types of by the purchase worth focusing on: intelligence (yesssssss), spontaneity (duh), skills, independence, physical appeal, credibility and you can honesty, open-mindedness and you will objectivity, being one another loyal and you can dependable. INTJs – let us feel free to absorb and revel in this number out of INTJ traits. These represent the areas of our very own identification one to notice a prospective partner! I am happy with it record.

Surprisingly, intimate being compatible are minimum of said, but once it was said, it absolutely was the individuals really extroverts once more

Whenever choosing and that issues to inquire about the INTJ community, this option seemed like by far the most private. It is far from you to definitely INTJs was unable to watching our problems. Quite the opposite, we know our very own shortcomings and we will additionally be the initial while making worry about-deprecating feedback about the subject. It is we always strive to do all of our extremely INTJ most useful when it comes to assembling your project, always giving 110%. (I cannot sufficiently express my personal appreciation to the poll people, who were a great deal more discover and you may sincere than simply I can envision. Thanks a lot – you know who you’re.) The most significant challenges experienced of the INTJs for the significant relationships would be split up into two groups: those individuals INTJs partnered having introverts and the ones INTJs partnered which have extroverts, since equally, those responses had been continuously some other.

Relationship are no other

INTJs reported that seeking to feel worry about-enough constantly were unsuccessful because they find themselves dependent on each other more about. This involves the sense regarding a loss of freedom. All of our INTJs as well as talked about exactly how communication may end in problems for several reasons. Sometimes, several other introvert is actually reclusive and you can low-verbal, which makes it harder whenever communications is necessary. You will find dilemma – especially which have perceivers – because such as telecommunications are going to be too emotional or perhaps a difficult emptiness if state actually requires particular empathymunications may also break apart due to indecision towards the lover’s behalf. These are feelings, INTJs asserted that setting up in order to someone and you can revealing earlier in the day traumas and emotional knowledge was extremely hard oftentimes.


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